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Bed Weed Control Prices:

Our bed weed control product is $5 extra each time we mow the lawn.  These prices are good for about 75% of our customers.  For customers with more extensive beds, the charge may be greater.  Our crew leaders will let us know if we should be charging more after they treat the beds the first time or two.  We will then contact you to see if the higher price is ok or if you want to discontinue the bed weed control service.

Bed Weed Service
Our bed weed control product consists primarily of spraying weeds found growing in the beds when we are on the property to mow the lawn.  This product is only available to customers on our regular mowing schedule.

Some weeds take several weeks to kill with our sprays, but when we start spraying them, at least they will not continue to grow larger.  If you come home and find that you still have weeds after our crew has mowed the lawn, please do not assume that we are cheating you.  We sprayed them.  The sprays take four days to six weeks to kill the weeds, depending on a number of factors.

Ground Covers
Ground covers, such as jasmine, monkey grass and juniper can pose problems with this service.  We cannot spray weeds found growing in ground covers without harming the ground cover.  If you have ground cover in your beds, expect to pay more for this service.

Lawn Weed Control Prices:

Most lawns are $55 per treatment.  We discount the price to $52 if you do not require the call-ahead (see Dogs, Children & Our Treatments below).  Larger lawns are more.  Please call or e-mail our office and we will get you a price.

You are under no obligation to continue service.  However, we strongly encourage you take at least four applications before deciding whether or not the program is of benefit.  One or two applications is not enough time to see significant results.

Our Program
Our lawn program consists of seven treatments per year.

Dogs, Children & Our Treatments
Dogs and children need to stay off the lawn until our liquid applications have had time to dry.  If you have a dog that normally stays in the back lawn, you need to be on our call ahead list, which means we will call you the day before the application so you can kennel your dog.  You'll also need to be on our call ahead list if you normally keep your gate locked.

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