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This service is only available to our lawn mowing clients. 


Our labor rate is $44.00 per man-hour, plus a $20 trip charge.  If you don't require a free estimate before we do the work, we will discount our labor rate to $37.50 per man-hour.  Additionally, clients who enroll in our automatic shrub trimming & clean-up service are not subject to the $20 trip charge.

With automatic shrub trimming & clean-up service, we automatically send our shrub crew out two times per year to trim the shrubs.  One of the visits is a winter visit to clean the leaves, prune the crepe myrtles before they break dormancy, prune the palms, etc.  With this service, we stay on top of all the plants in your landscape.


We are glad to bring new mulch for your landscape beds.  For us to sell & deliver our own mulch, we charge $30 per yard, delivered, plus the labor to install it.

If you're more interested in bagged mulch; The charge for the cedar mulch is a $60 delivery fee and $4.50 per bag, plus the labor to install it.  Each bag contains 3 cubic feet of cedar mulch and should cover approximately 9 to 12 square feet.

How many yards will you need? (Let me Google that for you: 1 yard = 27')

Shrub Trimming

Our shrub crew is equipped with the right tools for the job.  Our shrub crew carries chain saws, chippers, pole saws, articulating hedge trimmers and lots of other specialized equipment.

Waste Disposal

When we trim your shrubs and trees, we will leave all debris by the curb for trash pick up. 

If you would like us to remove the debris, as opposed to leaving it by the curb, there is a disposal fee of $5 per 30 gallon trash bag.

It Isn't Rocket Science, But It Is Science

As a homeowner, you should give careful consideration to which company you hire to trim your shrubs and prune your trees.  Improper pruning cuts can leave wounds that may never heal.  If the wound doesn t heal, eventually boring insects will enter the plant and kill it.  We ve trained our shrub crew in the proper pruning techniques to avoid creating non-healing wounds.


When we trim the shrubs, if you feel that we haven't removed enough foliage, we will be glad to return to do more work at our normal hourly rates.

If you feel that we've removed too much foliage, we are sorry, but once we cut it off, we can't put it back.  If you're not happy with the way the shrubs look because we've taken off more foliage than what you expected, you'll still be required to pay for the service.

If you're extremely picky about the way your shrubs are trimmed, or you expect that you should not have to pay full price if we trim too much off, please don't hire us to trim your shrubs.  What looks good to one person may not look good to another.  While we appreciate your business, simply saying you don't like it is no basis for a discount or refund.

How Long Will The Beds Stay Clean?

Our mulch and bed clean up service consists of cutting and spraying all weeds and installing new mulch to a 3  depth.  Please realize that cleaning the beds once is only a temporary fix.  Weeds are always germinating and it is impossible to remove all the roots in our clay soils, so the beds may be weedy just a few weeks after they are cleaned.

If you would like us to control the weeds in the beds, please inquire about our bed weed control service.

Fire Ant Control Prices:


Most lawns are $69 twice per year.  Larger lawns are more.

Fire Ant Control

Our fire ant control product is applied twice a year to the entire landscape.  The active ingredient is tracked back to the colony by worker ants.  Large mounds may take up to six weeks to die.  But once the fire ants are gone, it's unlikely you will see another mound.

Fire ants are attracted to landscape lighting because its warm.  If you notice a new colony around one of your lights, leave it alone.  Do not go back to using the baits or white powders.  That will only make things worse.  The new colony will die as soon as the worker ants have tracked enough of the material back to the den.

Our experience has been that most landscapes will not see new mounds.  For the few landscapes that have had new colonies, the colonies have always died within two or three weeks of being noticed.

Is It Dangerous?

The active ingredient that we apply to your lawn is the same active ingredient found in Frontline.  Frontline is the flea and tick product that the veterinarian applies directly to the back of your cat or dog.  We apply less active ingredient to your entire landscape than the veterinarian would apply to a small dog or cat.

You can allow your pets and children to play on the landscape following application without any danger.

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