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We are glad to bring new mulch for your landscape beds.  For us to sell & deliver our own mulch, we charge $30 per yard, delivered, plus the labor to install it.

If you're more interested in bagged mulch; The charge for the cedar mulch is a $60 delivery fee and $4.50 per bag, plus the labor to install it.  Each bag contains 3 cubic feet of cedar mulch and should cover approximately 9 to 12 square feet.

How many yards will you need? (1 yard = 27’)

Mulch & Bed Cleanup Service

Our mulch and bed clean up service consists of cutting and spraying all weeds and installing new mulch to a 3” depth.  Please realize that cleaning the beds once is only a temporary fix.  Weeds are always germinating and it is impossible to remove all the roots in our clay soils, so the beds may be weedy just a few weeks after they are cleaned.

If you would like us to control the weeds in the beds, please inquire about our bed weed control service.

We provide exceptional lawn care and landscaping services to a wide range of commercial and residential properties for over 35 years, including large corporate environments, city parks, shopping malls and apartments. Our experienced landscapers set the standard each day in landscape design, paving, hardscaping. We will whip your yard into shape in no time.

City Mowing is a full-service lawn care and landscaping company with a straightforward and unique design/build philosophy. We believe in having one landscape designer handle the job from its conception on paper, to the realization on your property. The reason; by doing this you are able to communicate and work with a single individual, where you can share your thoughts and idea's with to bring them, in collaboration, to life.

City Mowing is made up of a group of highly skilled landscaping professionals who pays a lot of attention to small details. In the 10+ years of experience our staff keep your property looking and functioning beautifully. Our landscapers are fully licensed.