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Snow Removal Services

We provide both Commercial & Residential snow removal services. We also provide salt as an anti-icing agent, or a de-icing service. When the conditions meet your specific needs, our crew will have your covered. As your contractor, we prefer to see the asphalt or concrete either "wet or dry". This reduces the chance to have "black ice" and it looks cleaner as a customer from the road. That is the goal, incremental business from the road and not a hindrance for fear of slipping & falling because your lot isn't safe.


While we all know prices vary per company, per customer, per service interval, per whatever. One thing that I think shouldn't vary, is transparency. All 90x100 properties are NOT created equal. We base all of our pricing on square footage. This prevents miscalculated time expenses, and keeps each lot transparent on pricing. The desired "trigger" or start service depth that we use to keep the schedules' consistent is 2" of accumulation. For the flat fee customers, we provided a "clean-up" at no additional charge. Salt is an additional charge, but often very affordable in controlling ice damage from the thaw-refreezing that occurs to concrete or asphalt, and your customers. Since the winter time bares an uncontrollable future of expense, we also two options. A monthly flat service fee that carries unlimited plows/salts. Or a per service option, which sometimes can favor higher costs than the flat fee service at the end of the season.

The Above Being Said: Most services start at $25.00 per plow. Some more; some less.


Generally we do not like "terms of service" but over the years we've had to establish some to better serve ourselves, and our customers. To get the most out of your investment, you should consider multi-year terms. Every year brings different weather patterns and historical events, but on a 3 year average, the snowfall is about the same.

Season Start and End

For the winter season, we define this period effective as of November 1st, through April 15th. With a flat monthly service fee, your billed for 5 months beginning in November and ending with March to carry you forward until April 15th.

First Plow

We are generally well prepared for that first plowable snow event; however, living in Northeast Ohio we can all get caught off guard by unpredicatable weather. So just as much as you dislike that first snow, we are looking forward to it.

What's Included?

Each account is different, based on the specifications that you requested. Our plow service consists of but not limited to: Snow Plowing, Anti-Icing & De-Icing Salt Services, Hand Shoveling of the private or municipal sidewalks, Snow Removal off-site. We also can sell & deliver individual salt or calcium bags for your facility usually cheaper than you can purchase from a retail store.

What's Not Included?

Each account is different, based on the specifications that you requested. We can tailor a service to your needs.

Thank You! for considering our company to service your company!

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